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  OBJECTIVE   ‒ Position requiring in-depth knowledge of   Internet Technology, Digital Marketing,   Social Media   Influencing, and Writing/Storytelling   EMPLOYMENT HISTORY  ‒  CORPORATE CLIENTS ·     Jacksonville, Florida ‒  Maingate , Military Web Portal, Military Resource Information Network ·     Prague, Czechoslovakia ‒  Konstruktiva , Largest Construction Company in Eastern Europe ·     Prague, Czechoslovakia ‒ Academy of Economics, First School of Commerce, Central Europe ·     Santa Barbara, California ‒  Vecco , former World Leader in Atomic Force Microscopy ·     Las Vegas, Nevada ‒ Legal Network, Director of Legal Affairs; client sales, marketing, networking ·     San Francisco, California  ‒  Adobe Systems, First Rebate Ad Campaign for Illustrator 7.0 ·     San Jose, California ‒ Adobe Systems,  PhotoDeluxe ,  ImageReady ,  PageMill ·     San Francisco, California ‒ Charles Schwab International Electronic Brokerage, First CD ·     Las Vegas, Nevada ‒ Nevada Business Meeti


I tested the software as what was called a beta tester after the World Trade Center went down. The editors, publishers, and managers went to Chicago, Boston, a few went to California, but weren't liked. California industry workers hate the writers from New York City, Chicago, Boston, and New England. East coast publishers are about making money. California writers focus more on creativity, quality, and making movies. The novels they write are written for a higher level of communication, which when I was a kid, led to filmmaking. New York City clashes with California the way subway riders hate L.A. traffic jams. Life is a car kills subway riders used to reading when riding the train from home to work. You have to train your mind to engage in traffic jams. You have to condition yourself to the culture if you want to work on the West Coast or East Coast. I learned all this, and I got lucky, because I didn't give up, but I wanted too. We all want to give up that is why not giving u

Grocery Store Novel

Both newsstands introduced me to comic books. My mother searched high and low on the hilly streets of San Francisco. The State of California was new for her. She complained that the men who dressed as women wore better makeup than her. The red lipstick, brown eye liner, and fabrics draped over the men's shoulders were high quality fashion. We ate bagels with beef and barley soup at kitchens that belonged to Persians and Jews. In Palestine, these two groups fight, but in California, they get along, cook beside each other, and make money for their families, "We came here to make a better life for our family. Education. They are always fighting over there. Back home, they are always fighting." The chefs complained. When the restaurant didn't have a crowd or lacked customers, the chefs, owners, and cashiers would sit with us to chat while we ate. I showed people the restaurant for many years. Mainly high school students, before college, I showed high school students where


The rain entices my daughter and I to go to the bookstore, where the clerk shows us a wooden box full of old comic books. My daughter and I are thrilled. "How do we read these?" She asks me. I show her. "This is a dog. This is a duck." I show her the bubbles with words coming out of the dog and duck's mouth, "This dog is speaking to the duck, "What do we do about the farm?" These are words. The dog and the duck are speaking together." I explain. My daughter and I reading comic books together. I am so proud of her. My mother took me on long walks through foreign cities to find comic books to amuse me. My father was dying of cancer. We waited at hospitals. We flew to cities that would cure him. She had the only income we could afford for the entire family. My dad went to the hospital, stayed in the hospital, and then checked into a hotel when we were out of the hospital. My mother brought his entire family to America from overseas. She wanted t

Put It Down

Santa Rosa has the best hospitals in the world. I met a lady that had a spinal cord injury. She had to be transported to the Santa Rosa hospital from Arcata, California. "The best doctors are from Santa Rosa. I have to have my insurance drive me down to Santa Rosa, four hours each way. I am glad my insurance will pay for it." The cost of living is higher in Santa Rosa, but those that live north, away from the wonderful hospitals, have to pay more in transportation. Groups up north take trips to go shopping at warehouse wholesalers. The best markets are in Santa Rosa.  The nurse has a story. I went to the hospital a month ago and met a nurse with multiple ear rings pierced along the lobe of her ear. She told me about her artist in Walnut Creek, California. The one that does the piercing lives far away. Walnut Creek can be a four hour drive in traffic when the driver accounts for rain, weather, heavy rush hour traffic. I wonder how people react to her marvelous artistry surroun


The boy is important to me. The boy woke me up on Lent. Maybe the day that he woke me up was on Ash Wednesday that fell on Valentine’s Day? The feeling ushers in Spring Time. I am not writing about the weather, I am writing about swimming, the pool, the waterpolo, the team, and the lawsuit. I was finally able to communicate with the judge yesterday. I had called the Justice Department about the issues I had with Israel and Palestine involving the Turkish government and that of Dubai and Qatar. Plus I ran into the Jewish attorneys that were guiding me through the process of antisemitic behavior over Hamas’s attack and Israel’s retaliatory action. The Anti-Defamation League was contacted. Next we take the march to the different states of government involving with the worldwide affairs. Life is challenging. Overwhelmed with the illness of the man that I was writing for, pulled into international politics, I got thrown off over my writing about the Social Security office, Internal Revenue

Gets Around

I writing about Cookie, I asked him today if I could write about the memories that he has awaken in my writing about him. Cookie's adventures are addicting, captivating, and inspiring. They emphasize the memories that I have. The memories that I have at 55 years old are awaken as I cruise into the ride that follows Cookie's life. The book is therapeutic. Writing. Telling Stories. Adventures. We learn when we read other people's novels. We are inspired by the books of authors we have never met. Cookie's book has inspired me to write a book of my own. 2024 is starting out as a year where people are going to reflect. Many people that Cookie's has met are inspired to write an autobiography now about their own life. Cookie networks. He gets around. When he sells his story, they buy it, and the customers are never disappointed. Thomas Chee Links: https://dominat